Welcome To Our Website – “SACRED TRUST” SACRED Trust, acronym of the “Sahajananda Computer-Aided Rural Education and Development Trust” was established in April 2005 by a group of like-minded persons led by Dr.V.N.Vasudev who functions as the Founder Managing Trustee of the


“VIKAS” (Village-India Knowledge-Aided Society) First wrote on 19.7.05 by Vasudev; since updated. Ten years ago the SACRED Trust started the programme of spreading Computer Literacy among the Rural School Children in Kanakapura tq.  The motivation was purely the desire for

Digital India Programme

Objectives of the Digital India Programme of Govt. of India Harnessing of technology for bridging the digital divide. For connecting India digitally For delivering technology-based services To create knowledge economy Bringing technology to the under privileged  

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We are sure you will derive great spiritual pleasure when you become part of this service of the SACRED Trust. We seek your Feedback for improving or diversifying the activities of the Trust.

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Modernisation of Education

Modernization of Education to transform from a “Consumer-Society” to one of “Service to Society”:      A Proposal Dr.V.N.Vasudev 2.1.2010 Over centuries our nation placed a high value on education. The existing educational system in India is rooted in understanding the theoretical

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