Purpose of the Website

The website of the Trust <www.sacredtrust.in> was first launched at 11.30pm on the 8th Sept. 2006, i.e. Nine Years ago.  The day happens to be the International Literacy Day. Present on the occasion were M.N.Prashanth, Director, Shrihari Technologies; R.Rajesh, who ably designed the website and his colleague Vinay Kumar in presence of Dr.V.N.Vasudev, Managing Trustee of SACRED Trust, Vijaya Kumar, the Trust Administrator and R.Nalini, the Website Administrator.  The first feedback came from M.S.Nagaraj and Naresh Bajaj, the Trustees of  the Trust pledging continuous support.

The primary aim of the SACRED Trust is to impart computer literacy to school children in rural India with the purpose of creating a full blown knowledge society. The Purpose of this Website is to seek support of the like minded people by informing them about the activities of the Trust initiated in the villages of Kanakapura taluk, located 50 km south of the famous IT City Bangalore. Support of the people essential to intensify the efforts of the Trust at spreading computer literacy, free of cost, among the children and unemployed youth in village India.

Computer knowledge has the power to transform village India by reducing the economic disparities between urban and rural areas and improving the living conditions.  Computer literacy will enable the rural youth to become aware of developments in the field of agriculture, grain storage, water conservation, animal husbandry, forestry, horticulture, utilization of natural mineral resources and technical skills to brand and sell farm produce.

Here are some of the benefits of Computer Literacy as expressed by the school children and youth at our computer training centers.

  • “With computer knowledge we can compete with the children in urban India”
  • “we can acquire more knowledge from the subject-specific interactive CDs outside the normal school syllabus”
  • “we can quickly come to know important happenings and innovations taking place in India and abroad”
  • “It will enable us to access information on the best practices adopted in other schools”
  • “It will enable us to access best practices in farming, conservation of water resources, rejuvenation of soil etc. “
  • “Computers will enable farmers to access the agricultural commodity prices prevailing in different Districts and States of India”
  • “Computer Literacy will create a variety of job opportunities to the farmers in rain fed farming districts of the country” 

We hope this website will motivate other voluntary organisations to spread computer literacy in rural India.