“VIKAS”: Village-India Knowledge-Aided Society

“VIKAS”: Village-India Knowledge-Aided Society
First wrote on 19.7.05; since updated.

12 years ago I started on a programme of spreading Computer Literacy among the Rural School Children in Kanakapura & Ramanagara tqs.  It is purely out of my desire for pleasure through service to the poor & the needy and to fulfill the last wish of my father that I took to this service.  61 computer centres in as many village schools and 2 towns were equipped with 111 computers. About 800 students in the age group of 8 to 16 were taught computers every week. So far about 22,000 children have become computer Literates in the last 12 years since the inception of the SACRED Trust in May 2005.

I dream of a future Village-India Knowledge-Aided Society (VIKAS) where our computer-internet-literate children and youth would not feel shy to interact on line with urban children and youth anywhere in the world. Computers are the way for a decent living in a wired-village India. I dream of a future India where there would be no difference in the amenities and standard of education between the urban and rural Schools. For this to happen, we need to eradicate poverty. Poverty can be eradicated not by giving subsidies but by creating a knowledge society in village India to enable farmers to better utilise whatever natural resources their villages are bestowed with, including better utilization of soil for agriculture, water resources, mineral resources, organic manures and forests.  They should receive a decent value for their efforts, be it agriculture or any other profession. Middlemen and commission agents would have no place in such rural Society.

The foregoing goals are definitely possible to achieve in the shortest possible time by establishing computer-training centres on a large scale in all the villages and laying internet cables connecting villages or establishing wireless communication systems.  At the same time the rural children & youth should be introduced to spirituality, good mannerism, compassion, civility and english language.

Present day children in village India would be tomorrow’s computer-literate youth. They will drive the rest in that Knowledge-aided Society. They will determine their own destiny as they share and become part of the Global Knowledge Society. There will be little room for corruption as all financial transactions happen via  authorized and computerized systems.  Politicians and bureaucrats can no longer cheat them.  Farmers will be able to demand a decent price for their produce, labour and efforts. Farmer’s children would then have the same facilities and amenities as their urban counterparts. Dr.Abdul Kalam’s dream of PURA (Providing Urban facilities in Rural Areas) would be accomplished.

Computers are the way for a decent living in a wired-village India. I Need your Support for spreading Computer Literacy in Rural Karnataka.

V.N. Vasudev, PhD., FGS, MMAI, Ex Member SEG(USA)
Founder, SACRED Trust:  www.sacredtrust.in