About Us

Purpose of the Web site:

Our primary aim is to bring about computer literacy in rural India with the intention of creating a full blown knowledge society. The Purpose of this Website is to seek support of the kind hearted people of the world by informing India and the world about what we have been doing since over two years in the villages of Kanakapura taluk, located 50 km south of the famous IT City Bangalore. Support of the like minded people is required in order to intensify our efforts at spreading computer literacy, free of cost, among the children and unemployed youth in village India.

Computer knowledge has the power to transform village India by enabling the present day students and youth to acquire knowledge in the areas of their interest, and by creating employment opportunities. Computer literacy is required for the rural youth to become aware of what is going on in the field of agriculture, proper use of already insufficient water, animal husbandry, forestry, horticulture and technical skills to make villages a self sustaining society. Most parts of village India particularly the southern States are presently dependent on rainwater for their livelihood.

In the words of the school children and youth at our computer training centers, following are the specific benefits of imparting computer education to millions of those children and youth who cannot afford to even see or touch a computer in village India.
1 "With computer knowledge we can compete with the children in urban India".
2 "we can aquire more knowledge from the interactive CDs outside the normal school syllabus."
3 "we can quickly come to know important happenings and innovations taking place in India and abroad".
4 Youths say that computer literacy will "enable them to access information on best practices in agricultural, water and soil conservation techniques adopted in other parts of India and the world."
5 Computers will enable the youth to access the agricultural commodity prices prevailing at various levels in a state and India.
6 Computers will create a variety of jobs to rain dependent farmers and youth in rural India.

We hope our website will motivate other voluntary organisations to spread computer literacy in rural India.

The Beginning of the SACRED Trust:

A year and a half ago, a small group of people from Bangalore city and Doddamudawadi village, joined together to establish a Trust “Swami Sahajananda Computer-Aided Rural Education and Development Trust”, abbreviated as SACRED Trust. Swami Sahajananda, after serving as an aeronautical engineer in Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, for 35years, embraced Sanyasa or Saint hood and resided at Dattatreya Temple in Doddamudawadi village, Kanakapura Taluk, Bangalore Rural District for over 20years.

Swamiji used to impress upon the people from the local villages, the importance of education and spiritual development. His last wish was to help modernise rural education in an organised way. Swamiji passed away and his son Dr.V.N.Vasudev, an Earth scientist and a mineral exploration Geologist, founded the Trust. The Trust was registered on the Sri Ramanavami day, the 18th of April 2005. The logo of the Trust reads “Service is the source of pleasure” (“Sevo Ananda Moolaha” in Sanskrit).

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