1. Modernisation of Education in Rural areas: Introduction of Computers in the village Primary and Secondary School. At the same time introduces students to Moral principles, Ethics and rules of conduct to make them become good human beings.
2. Training of Rural Youth in computer applications for Rural Development; Creation of village level data base of the agricultural, water and mineral resources; data base of qualification and skills of people etc., all aimed at knowledge based Rural Development .
3. To act as facilitator for govt. Schemes for promotion of education in Rural Areas.
4. To act as facilitator and assist Rural Employment Schemes of the Govt.
5. To act as facilitator for development of water and mineral resources in rural areas.

The Trustees whose names appear in this appeal fully share the Aims and Objectives of the Trust. They all have come forward to not only encourage the establishment of the Trust but also have contributed to build the Trust’s Corpus Fund.

The activities of the Trust are managed by K.S. Narayana and Vijay Kumar under guidance of Dr.V.N.Vasudev, Founder and Managing Trustee. K.S. Narayana is a young man of 22 years of age who has undergone training in hardware technology and DTP. He is stationed in Kanakapura and coordinates the computer literacy programmes at the 12 training centres established by the Trust in as many villages. Vijaya Kumar holds a Masters Degree in Science and has the experience of running a Trust. He visits the computer centres every Saturday and talks to Narayana, other teachers and takes feed back from students. Dr.V.N.Vasudev visits the training centres twice a month, and interacts with Narayana and Vijaya Kumar on a daily basis. Vasudev’s main concern is to raise funds and seek donations of computers and sewing machines. Smt. Kalpana has been imparting training in tailoring to rural women at two centres, one at Doddamudawadi and the other at Varalagallu. There are 8 machines at each of these two villages.

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