Computer Training

Rural Centres for Computer Training:

The Trust opened its first computer training centre at Doddamudawadi village five years ago in May 2005. Eight computers were installed to begin with; later increased to 12 computers. 105 students from 6 different villages in the Doddamudawadi village Panchayat limit took training. They were issued "COMPUTER LITERATE" Certificates.

Subsequently 10 more Computer Training Centres were opened till date. They are located at Chikkalbalu, Kottagalu , doddakallabalu,Angarahalli, Kanakapura Town, Voralagallu, Gollahalli, Bandiganahalli, and Kohanur villages. The Trust donated 2 computers and a laser printer to the Government Higher Primary School in Kanakapura town which encouraged the Head Master of the School to organize a separate room for teaching computers. Our coordinator K.S. Narayana imparts training one whole day every week at this center. Shri Amaresh of the G.H.P. School and his colleagues teach computers amidst their regular teaching activities.

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